Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Across the Bay in a Day - Paddle as a Pod

Each year in May, East Coast Kayaking leads a crossing of Port Phillip Bay. This is an all-day event that gives paddlers with some experience a fantastic opportunity to practise trip planning, teamwork and group management skills.

Paddling As a Pod means we paddle as fast as our slowest paddler, and you may be required to tow or be towed. With the TEAM, together everyone achieves more… IT IS NOT A RACE! It is a fantastic opportunity to paddle, enjoy the Port Phillip Bay and undertake your first extended and exposed paddle in a safe and supportive environment with qualified and experienced paddlers.

Our past trips have included paddling from Portarlington to Hampton Pier (36km) and from Werribee South to Hampton Pier. Depending on the wind and sea conditions we select the optimum route for the day.

It is however, not a paddle for a beginner sea kayaker - you should have completed at least the Sea Starter Course and preferably the Beyond Basics Day Journey or have equivalent experience, as this will ensure all participants are competent in self and assisted rescues, as well as basic paddling skills, making for a safe and enjoyable day. You will be sitting in your kayak for around 7 hours, perhaps as long as 8 hours!

Clothing should be SunSmart but also protect from the cold and be highly visible.
  • Lunch that can be eaten in the kayak
  • Snacks – we will stop every 45mins for a break
  • 2 litres water
Kayak & paddling gear
  • Sea kayak >4.8m length and fitted out with perimeter line, tow point, rudder or skeg -  if fitted to be fully retractable and in proper working order, watertight bulkheads and hatch covers, including positive buoyancy, hand toggles on bow and stern
  • Spray skirt that fits cockpit and paddler, with release strap

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Check out our YouTube from one of our past trips: